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Local Company Develops Tech To Help Further Reduce Use Of PPE

Originally published at on April 23, 2020

An Oklahoma City metro company has developed a new system to limit COVID-19 exposure between healthcare workers and patients.

Monscierge says the main reason for developing this technology is to limit even further the use of PPE for both patients and healthcare workers.

The secure video system, controlled by an app, can monitor one or multiple different patients in rooms across the hospital through the use of an iPad.

It's as simple as one touch for any patient in need, and they connect right to the nursing station. Removing the need for a doctor to come into the room.

Monscierge normally works with the hospitality industry, checking people in and out of the hotels with their technology platform. However CEO Marcus Robinson said when this pandemic started to break out across the country and the state, he knew the company had to adapt.

"By providing tools that will help professional healthcare workers, people on the front line to be able to connect, and have a level of empathy with those patients is critical in this particular time," he said.

Robinson says his company has already talked to different heath care facilities across the country including here locally at the OU Health Sciences Center. He's hopeful the technology will make it a little easier during this stressful time.

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