Accor sought to partner with a technology firm to create a Virtual Concierge for their Novotel brand of hotels. It would become a brand standard and be deployed to more than 400 hotels globally. Discover how Monscierge helped transform Novotel.

Accor sought to partner with a technology firm to create a Virtual Concierge for their Novotel brand of hotels. It would become a brand standard and be deployed to more than 400 hotels globally.

Novotel desired the ability to provide consistent service, across the globe, to guests of all nationalities. The brand set out to engage more effectively with guests and to share their local expertise. Ultimately, Novotel wanted to achieve what all brands strive for: to promote their hotels and improve customer satisfaction.

After evaluating technology firms worldwide, Monscierge was selected to become their partner. Working closely with the Novotel team to define the technology initiatives, Monscierge formulated a new market strategy and created a custom ordering portal to streamline property-level adoption. Marketing materials, training documents and videos, and the ordering portal were all to be completed in multiple languages.

Industry Vision

While Novotel expected cutting-edge technology from their vendor of choice, they were looking to partner with a voice in the industry, not just another supplier. Monscierge seeks to enhance the guest experience beyond the implementation of technology.

True Local Recommendations

Empowering local experts, the hoteliers, to be the voice of what's promoted to guests. Local merchants are referred by each property, and Monscierge curates the information to reduce dependency of third-party apps and sites, keeping the guest connected to a trusted local expert - their hospitality provider.

Training Program

Monscierge has a virtual client-training program complimenting their product suite. With the Novotel specific UI requirements and property portal, a new program was created for the roll-out. The finished result helped create a smooth implementation process and support system across multiple time zones and regions.

GEM Reports

The Guest Experience Management (GEM) reports are seasonal aggregations of hospitality trends, highlights of case studies and data analytics findings from the Monscierge products used on guests’ smart phones and in hotel spaces worldwide.

Microsoft Partner

Hospitality is facing a wave of changes with emerging technologies shifting the operations of the typical hotel property. Microsoft is working with the hospitality industry to help overcome the technology gaps with highly integrated solutions. Microsoft wants to give hotels a competitive edge with solutions to capture the preferences and interests of their customers and deliver unique personal guest experiences at each point of contact. Monscierge Connect Lobby and Connect CMS the fundamental framework of the Novotel Virtual Concierge, were developed with Microsoft platforms for seamless, cutting-edge technology architecture.

Powered with Microsoft Technology

  • Silverlight 5.0/Toolkit
  • WCF RIA and Web Services
  • Built with Visual Studio 2012
  • Expression Blend
  • Bing Silverlight Control
  • Windows Server / IIS
  • .NET 4.5
  • Entity Framework 5.0
  • Transient Fault Handling
  • Azure SDK, Web Roles
  • Service Bus
  • Windows 7/8
  • .NET 4.5
  • WPF 4.5
  • PixelSense 2.0 SDK
  • Built with Visual Studio 2012
  • Entity Framework 5.0
  • Expression Blend
  • Bing Route, Geocode, and Search Services
  • Bing WPF Control
  • Transient Fault Handling
  • Microsoft Surface

Operational Achievements

A fully functional prototype was delivered and installed at the pilot hotel within 12 weeks.

Monscierge is now embarking on new projects after achieving success with the Virtual Concierge Lobby and Mobile project.

  • Global, cost effective delivery of hardware through various taxation levies
  • Logistical deployment to countries with challenging import procedures
  • Accor security audit completion for Connect CMS, Lobby and Mobile


In a timespan of 12 weeks, Monscierge successfully created and deployed a highly specific, customized solution for the world's leading hotel operator, Accor. Novotel wanted to deploy this technology quickly and on a foundation that allowed them to continually develop its design and feature set. Monscierge's enterprise class software framework built with Microsoft technology delivers a truly disruptive solution to the hospitality industry.