Apple TV for Hospitality

As Apple's partner for in-room entertainment we help drive a better guest experience for your guests.

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HotelTechAwards Winner

Per Room Pricing

Our pricing is simple and straightforward.

1-10 Rooms 11-50 Rooms 51+ Rooms Hardware [Optional]
$20/month $18/month $14/month $179/device

One Platform for Amazing Guest Experiences

Improve guest satisfaction and reduce operational costs with Apple TV for Hotels. Our modern solution for hotel TV systems provides flexibility, cost savings and enhances the guest experience.

  • Requests

    Service guest requests, curated local recommendations, property information and events

  • Secure

    Resets at guest checkout

  • Live TV

    TV channel access with full EPG

  • Configurable

    Configurable UI

  • Streaming

    Access to streaming apps like Netflix, ESPN, Amazon and Hulu

  • Leasing

    Hardware and software leasing options available

The Apple TV Experience for Your Property

Apple TV is a palm-sized box that connects to your television via an HDMI cable. Apple TV for Hosts brings native support for streaming and gaming to your TV all while being fully managed and secure for each guest. We deliver the full Apple experience for your property.

Apple TV Works For Properties



Whether 5 or 5,000 rooms - Apple TV is built for properties or entire brands.

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Vacation Rentals

Highlight curated local experiences and services built for guests.

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Built for every day access with full entertainment and service options.

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Healthcare options such as EMR and pillow speaker / call light integration.

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Expand Your Property Experience

The Apple TV is the perfect solution for your property. We provide a secure, fully managed solution that's affordable and easy to use. Showcase curated local recommendations, guest requests, property information and live television.

Apple TV Apps

2020 Winner for Best Guest Room Entertainment Tech

Apple TV for Hospitality won the 2020 Best Guest Room Entertainment from HotelTechReport as voted by industry professionals around the world. Monscierge has won more guest experience awards than any other hotel technology company.

Monscierge is a Certificate of Excellence winner for a culture of open transparency and client recommendations.

Certificate of Excellence

HotelTechAwards Winner

Apple TV Overview


Managed & Secure

Securely managed and reset at the end of a stay.


On-Site Amenities

Showcase on-site features and services.


Guest Requests

Enable guests to make requests with two-way communication.


Local Recommendations

Curated local activities, events and dining.


Live Television

Live streaming TV without changing inputs.



Featured activities and events. Integrations available.


Hospitality and Travel Impact During COVID-19 Coronavirus

During uncertain times, hotels may be looking to recoup lost revenue. Some of the fastest ways are by implementing automated messaging and cutting cable. Hospitality providers using Apple TV for Hospitality & Hosts immediately find an 86% savings, while changing their guest messaging platforms to Monscierge Pre-check & Guest Messaging services found a 63% savings.

Global Impact

Real-time Guest Requests

Guests can make service, housekeeping, dining or other requests through the Apple TV and communicate and stay informed with two-way messaging to hotel staff.

Guest Requests

Local Recommendations and Experiences

Highlight curated local activities, dining, points of interest, services and more for your guests. Showcase local area recommendations with beautiful imagery, detailed descriptions, maps and contact details.

Guest Requests

Bring Your Own Content

Augment or replace video on demand with streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+, ESPN, Amazon, Hulu and more to enable your guests to bring their own content. Offer the power of the Apple App Store with a world of games and apps to be pre-installed or available for guests to download.

Streaming Apps

It's Easy, Safe and Secure

Each Apple TV is fully managed and automatically reset at the end of a guests' stay. We also provide a standalone app to instantly erase and reset the device at any point.

Erase and Reset

Configurable Look & Feel

Modify the look of the application top shelf, icons and typography to showcase your brand vision. Re-arrange, add or remove applications.

Watch Live TV

No need to switch inputs. Watch live TV directly from the TV app. Designed in partnership with Apple the configurable EPG supports programming around the world.

Learn About Streaming TV
Watch Live TV

Works With Any TV

Apple TV works with virtually any TV supporting HDMI. The use of hospitality or healthcare-grade TVs such as those from LG, Samsung, Panasonic, or Philips is suggested but not required. Have questions about your television? Contact Us.

TV Brands

Safety and Security of Apple TV

Apple TV is well protected. In addition, to Monscierge erase and reset functionality on the Apple TV, installed software prevents use if lost or stolen. The device can be attached to the wall or TV back using a secure mount.

Apple TV Mount

Controlling the Apple TV

We offer three hospitality-ready options for controlling the Apple TV. Additional custom options are also available.

Apple TV Siri Remote

Standard Apple TV Remote

The standard Apple TV remote features interactive touch and is synchronized to the Apple TV via Bluetooth. Charge the remote with a standard Apple Lightning cable.

Hospitality Remote

Hospitality Apple TV Remote

This remote features standard control functionality and is compatible with virtually any standard TV. Powered by two AAA batteries [optional USB version also available]. This remote is hospitality-grade and features extensive branding and printing options.

Pillow Speaker

Healthcare Pillow Speaker / Call Light

Built exclusively for healthcare, we provide the only Apple TV compatible pillow speaker remote. Integrates with virtually any nurse call and pillow speaker system available. Full branding and printing options are available. Learn More

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Learn how Apple TV for Hospitality is changing the face of hospitality with streaming TV, interactive streaming content, entertainment and more.

Addressing Property Pain Points


Bring Your Own Content

Offer access to BYOC like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Hulu, Spotify and more.



Finance your hardware and software options for lower cost of ownership.

App Store

Apple App Store

Offer apps from the Apple App Store automatically installed and available for guests.

Future Proof

Future Proof

Automatic updates and new feature can be rolled-out quickly to handle current and future guest expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guests are tired of TV experiences that don't match the intuitive and immersive experience that they enjoy at home. As more and more streaming services come online the expectations of guests will shift.

Apple TV is easy to install. All devices and setup in our on our mobile device management platform, allowing easy management of every aspect of the Apple TV. The Apple TV can be installed as easily as plugging in power and an HDMI cable into the TV.

In addition to providing a modern in-room entertainment solution for your guests, Apple TV provides a solution to provide additional revenue through the purchase of Local Experiences, dining and two-way communication.

Apple TV is the most powerful device on the market today and with the power of the Apple ecosystem Apps can be upgraded and updated easily. Plus in the future upgrading your Apple TV device is as simple as replacing the box rather than an entire TV.

Monscierge provides a full platform that includes recommendations, local experiences, guest requests, live TV, events, property information/house rules and complete device management.

We can leverage your PMS system if it allows external communication.

We have built an entire platform of products with a shared API and Data System which allows us to share costs across products instead of all costs being supported by a single product.

We have deployments around the world such as those in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, and more. Apple TV works well in most countries. For specific questions please email us at: