Apple TV for Hospitality

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Hospitality TV built for Hotels and Short Term Rentals. Awarded Best Hospitality TV Solution in 2020 and 2021.

TV Built for Your Hotel or Short Term Rental

Improve guest satisfaction and reduce costs with Apple TV for Hospitality. Our modern solution for hospitality TV systems provides flexibility, cost savings and enhances the guest experience.


Save Money and Time

Monscierge's Apple TV for Hospitality saves time and money by delivering award-winning hospitality apps, TV, streaming, and it can automatically reset at the end of a guests' stay. Plug it into your existing TV and you're set.

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Apple TV

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As the winner for Best Hospitality TV Solution for 2020 and 2021, Apple TV is trusted by professionals worldwide and used in hotels, rentals, and Airbnb's around the world.

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Wired or Wireless

Wired or Wireless Connections

Apple TV connects to the Internet with an ethernet cable or through a wireless bridge.

Requires a minimum connection speed of 4 Mbps with a recommendation of 10 Mbps for higher.


Watching TV

We can provide over-the-air or Freeview content, work with on-site or IPTV headends, and integrate with many existing television providers.

We can help you cut or keep your cable.


PMS Integration

We're Opera-certified and work with many PMS systems. Ask us how your PMS can work with Apple TV for Hospitality.

How Much is Apple TV for Hospitality?

Whether you have a single room or multi-room property, we offer highly competitive and budget-friendly options.

We work internationally and have installations worldwide.

Apple TV 4K [32 GB] 6th generation hardware available for $179.

Bring your own device [BYOD] requires shipping your Apple TV to Monscierge.

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Ready for Your Property



Whether 1 or 1,000,000 rooms, Apple TV is built for properties or entire brands.

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Short Term Rental

Perfect for Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and other rentals.

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Built for every day access with full entertainment and service options.

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Healthcare options such as EMR and pillow speaker / call light integration.

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Property Information

Reduce your costs by removing printed in-room collateral that gets quickly outdated and needed to be cleaned. Your digital directory can be instantly updated and highlight on-site amenities and features without the need to print.

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Property Information


Provide information about on or off-site activities and events that your guests may be interested in.


Curated Local Recommendations

Highlight curated local activities, dining, points of interest, services and more for your guests. Showcase local area recommendations with beautiful imagery, detailed descriptions, maps, and contact details.

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Local Recommendations

Guest Requests

Guests can make service, housekeeping, dining, or other requests through the Apple TV and communicate and stay informed with two-way messaging to hotel staff.

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Guest Requests

Save Yourself from Negative Reviews

We provide tools so guests can quickly and easily communicate service or property issues. Head off negative reviews so guests can provide immediate feedback that ensures they have a great stay.

Yelp and Tripadvisor
Guest Requests

Watch TV

Apple TV provides television and streaming options that enable properties to cut the cable. Get savings up to 86% a month from standard cable costs and provide your guests a better experience.

The Watch TV app was designed in partnership with Apple and leverages additional hardware for digital television. There is no need to switch inputs, and everything is available within the custom-designed electronic program guide [EPG].

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Watch TV

Options for Over-the-Air, Freeview, and Premium Entertainment

Whether providing free or premium content to your guests, Apple TV for Hospitality is your source for entertainment.

We offer hospitality TV solutions built for your budget that are ready for any type of property around the world.


  • Apps like Spectrum that authenticate automatically
  • Over-the-air and Freeview content
  • On or off-site headends
  • IPTV streams
  • Other third-party apps
Cut Cable

Get Rid of Your Cable Bill

With Apple TV you can get rid of your cable bill. Save up to 86% each month and offer your guests a better experience with television and streaming options.

Cut Cable

Erase & Reset

Each Apple TV is managed and can be reset at the end of a guests' stay. We also provide a standalone app to instantly erase and reset the device at any point.

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Erase and Reset

Safety and Security of Apple TV

Apple TV is well-protected. In addition, to Monscierge erase and reset functionality, installed software prevents use if lost or stolen. The Apple TV can be attached to the wall or TV back using an optional mount.

Safety and Security

Apps & Streaming

Offer the power of the Apple App Store with a world of games and apps pre-installed or available for guests to download. Replace traditional video-on-demand systems with access to movies and television.

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Apple App Store

Bring Your Own Content

Provide streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+, ESPN, Amazon Video, Hulu, and more to enable your guests to bring their own content.

Streaming Services

Branded and Configurable

Modify the look of the application top shelf, icons, and typography to showcase your brand vision. Re-arrange, add or remove applications.


Staying Well and Keeping Healthy

Guests no longer want to visit the on-site gym. Keep mental and physical wellness sharp by providing guests an easy collection of apps to stay healthy with yoga, exercise, and meditation.

Staying Well

One-Stop Gaming Platform

Apple provides a powerful platform to provide the best in gaming. Race the streets with Real Racing, action platform titles like Rayman Adventures, Jetpack Joyride and Sonic the Hedgehog, brainteasers Tetris, Colorcube and dozens of other games across multiple categories.

Compatible with SteelSeries, Xbox, and PlayStation wireless game controllers.

Xbox Controller

Controlling the Apple TV

We offer three hospitality-ready options for controlling the Apple TV. Additional custom options are also available.

Apple TV Siri Remote

Standard Apple TV Remote

The standard Apple TV remote features interactive remote and is synchronized to the Apple TV with Bluetooth. Charge the remote with a standard Apple Lightning cable.

Hospitality Remote

Hospitality Apple TV Remote

This remote features standard control functionality and is compatible with virtually any standard TV. Powered by two AAA batteries [optional USB version also available]. This remote is hospitality-grade and features extensive branding and printing options. Learn More

Pillow Speaker

Healthcare Pillow Speaker / Call Light

Built exclusively for healthcare, we provide the only Apple TV compatible pillow speaker remote. Integrates with virtually any nurse call and pillow speaker system available. Full branding and printing options are available. Learn More

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Learn how Apple TV for Hospitality is changing the face of hospitality with streaming TV, interactive streaming content, entertainment and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guests are tired of TV experiences that don't match the intuitive and immersive experience that they enjoy at home. As more and more streaming services come online the expectations of guests will shift.

Apple TV is easy to install. All devices and setup in our on our mobile device management platform, allowing easy management of every aspect of the Apple TV. The Apple TV can be installed as easily as plugging in power and an HDMI cable into the TV.

In addition to providing a modern in-room entertainment solution for your guests, Apple TV provides a solution to provide additional revenue through the purchase of Local Experiences, dining and two-way communication.

Apple TV is the most powerful device on the market today and with the power of the Apple ecosystem Apps can be upgraded and updated easily. Plus in the future upgrading your Apple TV device is as simple as replacing the box rather than an entire TV.

Monscierge provides a full platform that includes recommendations, local experiences, guest requests, live TV, events, property information/house rules and complete device management.

We have built an entire platform of products with a shared API and Data System which allows us to share costs across products instead of all costs being supported by a single product.

We have hundreds of deployments around the world in North American, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Apple TV works well in most countries. For specific questions please email us at:

Getting started is super simple. First we build out your tvOS Apps and Apple TV management environment using the specifications in our Getting Started with Apple TV for Hospitality page. You can also download our solution brief for more information how the overall installation of the product works.

Apple TV is perfect for signage and can be used with our Flight Board for Apple TV app. You can display arrival or departure flight information for your guests.

If you have existing Apple TVs, they will need to be shipped to a Monscierge office due to the configuration needs for Bring Your Own Device [BYOD] setup. If you have questions, please contact us. Additional shipping costs may apply.