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Guests want to be connected to the local area, and they want to be connected to the place where they lay their head at night. The time of using the telephone as the only way to connect is over. Today's generation of travelers expect modern ways to communicate. They demand curated, more sophisticated, local content about the areas where they are traveling.

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We had an instinctive belief confirmed by research and usage data - Guests want to be connected.

Travelers can send messages around the world for free in every other area of their lives, but they can't communicate with their host, the place they trust to sleep at night, without picking up the telephone. This isn't how they want to communicate, and it isn't consistent with their expectations.

We collaborate with Intel, Cornell University, Microsoft, and the world’s largest hospitality brands, airlines, and hospitals to determine exactly what your guests want and need. The information we gather is analyzed by some of the world’s top minds. We have invested years to build a platform that can give you a way to meet these needs, by connecting and communicating with your guests in a way that is easy to implement and affordable.

Our Solutions

SDK & Mobile Libraries

We're often asked by companies with existing or legacy mobile applications about connecting our systems with theirs. The use of our SDK and mobile libraries allows Monscierge data to be integrated through programmatic access or pre-built drop-in components. Being able to access Monscierge data allows you to extend the reach and depth of your own content.

Helping to make you better

The things that we hold dear have driven us to understand - we can't be all things to all people. You may have years of time and significant investment in your existing platforms. We don't expect to replace those systems, we want to help you make them better. This is why we built our products in a way which allows you to pick and choose the pieces from our platform that can help augment yours.

Make it your own

If you find we do something really well, and you want to make it yours, let us know. We get it - it's about making it easy and straightforward for you. If you don't like the way we have it structured, tell us. It's in our DNA to make it easy for you - just tell us how.

Connect CMS

We worked in hotels so we could observe hotel staff and how they used their tools. Through this process, we discovered, hotel staff aren't being provided with the tools they need. Technology was advancing in their guests hands faster than it was in the staff's hands.

The right tools

Leveraging our technology background, we built the tools for hotel staff to communicate with their guests, so you wouldn't have to. Our Connect CMS tool allows your hotel to very easily and rapidly curate great local content and connect this information to your guests. This same tool allows you to connect and communicate with your guests in they ways they want. It powers the platforms guests expect, iOS and Android apps, SMS, e-mail, and responsive web platforms.

Connecting the guest journey

Our tool was designed with one purpose in mind, connect you with your guests throughout the entire guest journey. We love the idea so much, we let people get started for free.

Connect Mobile

The introduction of the smartphone combined with the power of the Cloud has introduced a powerfully disruptive force. Guests' expectations are advancing faster than the rate of change within the hospitality industry. Our Connect Mobile platform puts the power of these technologies in your hands and allows your hotel's staff to stay ahead of the curve.


Connect Mobile is available for all devices across iOS and Android platforms.

Ready worldwide

Communicate with guests in their native language. Out of the box, Connect Mobile is able to leverage 16+ languages.

Your own brand

Offer a branded version of Connect Mobile to your guests with a white labeled theme and style that showcases a single property or an entire group.

Connect Staff

Our background is in building great enterprise-class technology, and this is at the core of what we do. Our team went to work in our partner hotels to shadow the staff. During the process, we discovered the hotel staff using their own personal mobile devices to SMS text one another. When we asked them "Why?", their answer was simple. "It makes us more efficient and it makes our job easier".

Scalable technology

This simple observation caused us to take a step back and ask the question, "Could we make it even more efficient through scalable mobile technology?" Our Staff application has been crafted in a way to enhance instant communication between guests and staff. We would love to show you how.

Increasing efficiency

We believe this process has informed our architecture and design. We created a mobile application that not only allows staff to communicate with one another, but it also allows guests to communicate with staff in a more efficient manner.

Connect Lobby

As we stood in the lobby of an Intercontinental hotel . . . watching maintenance men cut holes in the finely finished walls and pull electric cables to install information reader boards, we thought "There has to be a better way to get information to guests? There has to be a way that isn't such a hassle for hotels?"

Our team of solution architects set out to discover new and innovative ways to connect with guests. To accomplish our mission, it had to be simple, scalable, and affordable. We spent thousands of hours working with leading market technologies on the formula that would allow us to change the interactive lobby touch screen experience. We tested dozens of touch-technologies, graphics processors, kiosk units and hardware solutions before we finally hit on the right combination.

Total interactive solution

Our interactive lobby touch screens are more than an information reader board - they are an end-to-end interactive solution. The interface design is driven through research into hotels around the world. The content is driven by connections to the local community, and the tools to drive the content are driven by the needs of the users - the hotel's staff.


Our technology is designed from the ground up to be easy to install, easy to use, and easy to scale throughout your hotel - or around the world. The content that is on the lobby screen is the same content that is within your mobile applications and on your website.


Best of all, we have created a solution that is affordable. Where others charge tens of thousands, and often times $100s of thousands, we let you get started for $2,500 and less than $100/mo.​

Connect Web

Our passion is to enable hotels to connect and communicate with their guests throughout their entire journey. Web-based technologies enable hotels to connect with guests across multiple devices and platforms. Monscierge built the latest responsive-web technologies into our architecture, which means one less thing for your hotel to worry about.

Modern web experience

Built for a modern and responsive web experience, Connect Web extends the Connect framework to desktop, tablet or mobile browsing experiences.

The same great tools

Connect Web leverages the same great functionality and tools of the Connect framework. Connect Web is automatically updated whenever you update Connect CMS.


The pace of technology change has serious consequences for businesses who don't stay on top of these advancements. This is where Monscierge comes in, because staying ahead of the technology curve is our passion. We stay informed, so you don't have to.

We integrate

We have integrations with over 75 different platforms, but better yet - we can help you see past buzzwords and answer the question begging to be asked, "What's the benefit to the business?"

Seeing past the checklist

Cloud technology, paired with mobile devices, is changing the word and it has fundamentally changed guests' expectations. Integrating this new technology is not just a fad, but a fundamental to future business success.