Communicating with Your Guests

Connect Messaging is the complete guest messaging and information platform for your staff to communicate with guests before, during, or after a stay.

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Connect Messaging Includes

SMS Messaging

Guest Messaging

Communicate with guests through automated and managed SMS text messaging.

Message Your Guests

Guest Pre-Check

Speed up and jump start your guests' check-in process with a responsive web link.

Jumpstart Check-In
Digital Directory

Digital Directory

Responsive website providing on-site amenities, digital compendium and local recommendations.

Replace In-Room Info
Connect Staff

Connect Staff

Service request management to communicate, track and resolve guest and staff service requests.

Staff Workflow Handling

We Help Tell Your Brands' Story

Our software drives the moments that your guests remember. See how we help tell the story that drives revenue and guest satisfaction.

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Brand Story

Engage Guests with Real-Time Guest Messaging

Deliver phenomenal service with messaging that increases loyalty and provides greater accountability and insight through analytics.

Complete Communication

Texting Your Guests with SMS Messaging

Text messaging is an effective way to communicate because the friction to engage is low.

  • Automated system to send SMS messages to guests.
  • Enables a reduction in check-in time by 40%.
  • Low barrier to entry. No download required.
  • Enables two-way communication.
SMS Text Messaging

Pre-Check to Speed Up Check-In

With Pre-Check functionality staff reduce guest check-in time by 40% with automation.

  • Mobile-friendly web link to start pre-check is sent to guest by email or SMS.
  • The website includes check-in details communicated back to the property for confirmation.
  • Opera-certified and integrates with many PMS systems.

Guest Messaging Review

Six billion SMS messages are sent every day. Digital messaging to delivers valuable service opportunities, greater guest satisfaction and intercepts potentially damaging reviews.

SMS Messaging

SMS Messaging

Communicate before, during or after a stay with SMS.



Advanced workflows and automation for real-time insight.


Guest Pre-Check

Skip the line with a PreCheck process to speed up guest check in.

Low Barrier to Entry

Easy to Start

No app to download and easy to get started.

Showcase Your Property with a Digital Directory

Replace your printed in-room compendium with a responsive website.

  • Highlight on-site amenities, local recommendations, events and more.
  • No download required.
  • Accessible via a weblink delivered via SMS or QR code.
  • Replaces printed materials commonly found in the room.
  • Instantly updated.
Connect Web

Replace Printed Materials

Get rid of the printed compendium in the room. Remove or reduce your on-going printing costs and add interactivity with the ability to provide immediate updates for specials and promotions.

A single weblink through SMS, email, or QR code provides guests access to your property amenities, local recommendations, events, and communication.


Digital Directory Review

Designed to be responsive for desktop or mobile devices, the Digital Directory allows full interaction with your property, including the ability to view recommendations, events, create requests or even order room service.

No Download

Built for the Web

Responsive web built for the desktop, tablet, or mobile.


Digital Directory

Replace expensive printed in-room materials with a digital version.

Highlight Details

Highlight Details

Showcase local recommendations, amenities, and more.

Easy Management

Easy Management

Works with other Monscierge tools and managed via the web.

Handling Real-Time Communication

Empower your staff to handle real-time guest and staff communication and service requests.

  • Mobile solution for iOS and Android.
  • Manage and resolve guest and staff service requests.
  • Handle escalations, scheduling and automated replies.
  • Detailed reports and analytics.
Connect Staff

Increase Staff Efficiency

Properties see response time improvements as much as 50%. Staff can manage tasks and respond directly to guest requests, monitor response time, and streamline team assignments. Connect Staff helps to ensure guest satisfaction and efficient workflows.

Staff Photos

Impact on Guest Satisfaction

On average, guest satisfaction scores (GSS) increased by 1.1 points or more with some properties reporting over 10% growth in revenue per average room (RevPAR).


Connect Staff Review

Available for iOS or Android and built for your staff to manage and resolve service requests that provides greater insight for your team.


Real-Time Communication

Mobile solution for iOS or Android to handle real-time communication.

Service Management

Service Request Management

Manage and resolve guest and staff service requests.



Add escalations, scheduling, triggers and automated replies.



Report and track analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other companies offering messaging products are built on single feature. Monscierge has been in business for 11 years and our architecture enables us to provide a wide range of features across our highly scalable infrastructure.

Monscierge technology has been deployed to over 50 countries around the world and operates in 26+ different languages. Our apps and services work around the globe. If you have specific questions please contact us with a question about your country.

Guests don't need an app to interact with Connect Messaging. SMS messaging is available to over 80% of phones around the world.

Connect Messaging works without a PMS system but is capable of integration. Monscierge is Opera certified and can work with other PMS systems that allow external communication.

Connect Messaging provides a high degree of automation that helps save time and money. Standard templates are available to help facilitate communication between guests and staff or staff to staff. Escalations and special event handling are also available to handle special cases or missed actions.

Connect Messaging is built on two-way communication. An initial welcome message to a guest starts as a single message but as soon as the guest responds the Monscierge platform takes action and conveys the response to the appropriate staff member. This happens in an instant and can be responded to by a real person instantly or can leverage an auto-reply message.

Why Choose Monscierge?

PMS Integration

With property management system [PMS] integration scheduled guests are automatically messaged each day. This process is automated and easy to setup.

Opera Partner

Monscierge is a Certified Opera Partner.

63% Savings Over Competitors

The nearest competitors charge over 63% more and for fewer features.

Messaging Report

Download the Guest Messaging Report

Learn how the Monscierge Guest Messaging platform helps properties communicate.