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Monscierge increases communication, guest experience and staff accountability.

Interactive Hotel TV

Streaming Infotainment with Apple TV for Hotels

Expand your property experience with a fully managed interactive in room solution built for the Apple TV.

  • Requests

    Guest service requests, amenities, curated local recommendations, events and more

  • Live TV

    TV channels from any source - satellites, IPTV, over the air or cable networks with EPG

  • Streaming

    Augment or replace video on demand with streaming apps with apps like Netflix, ESPN, Amazon, and Hulu

  • Configurable

    Configurable & brandable UI

  • Secure

    Secure, personal, easy to install and resets at guest checkout

Apple TV for Hospitality

Preventative and reactive maintenance

Handle Service Requests with Connect Staff

Connect Staff can improve guest satisfaction by streamlining guest and staff service requests through real-time communication.

  • Requests

    Manage and resolve guest and staff service requests

  • Automated

    Escalations, triggering and automated replies

  • Checklists

    Checklists and scheduling options

  • Reporting

    Report and track analytics

  • Response Time

    Manage response times for staff proactivity

Connect Staff

Digital Signage

Connect Lobby touch-enabled digital signage

Connect Lobby is the digital signage platform built to showcase and promote your property.

  • Features

    Amenities, local recommendations, flights, maps, weather and events

  • Resize

    Supports multiple types and sizes of hardware with touch support

  • Promo

    Includes advertising and promotional opportunities

  • ADA

    Multi-lingual and ADA support

  • Manage

    Managed through the web-based management tool Connect CMS

Connect Lobby

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