Solutions for Hotels & Rentals

Exceed your guest expectations with branded solutions for a contactless guest experience plus in-room and communication tools that keep your guests and staff safe.

Communicating with Your Guests

Our communication platform enables your brand to communicate with your guest anywhere and on any device. Stay connected and stay safe.


Contactless Guest Experience

Support social distancing with solutions that enable guests to check-in without interacting with staff.

Apple TV

Hospitality TV with Apple TV

Offer your hotel directory in digital form, provide guest requests and great TV and movie entertainment options.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Cut costs by cutting cable with Apple TV and adding guest messaging to communicate.

Reduce Staff

Staff Reduction

Reduce staff costs with pre-check functionality and video for a faster check-in process that can be handled on or off-site.

Tools for Guest Interaction

  • Automate SMS messaging and speed up the check-in process with Communication Tools like Guest Messaging and Pre-Check.
  • Communicate on-site with video chat via Digital Signage solution Connect Video.
  • Apple TV provides in-room entertainment, streaming options, on-site information, printed compendium replacement and local recommendations.

Save Money with Remote Staff Operations

  • Enables staff to work on or off-site.
  • Staff can handle multiple properties at once from a single location.
  • Support physical distancing and minimize physical exposure.
Remote Operations

Cutting Costs with Apple TV

  • Apple TV provides in-room entertainment, streaming options, on-site information, guidebook replacement, and local recommendations.
  • Save up to 86% each month by dumping your cable bill.
  • Awarded Best In-Room Technology by HotelTechReport.
Apple TV

Protecting Your Staff

  • Enables staff to work on or off-site.
  • Staff can handle multiple properties at once from a single location.
  • Support physical distancing and minimize physical exposure.
Protect Staff
Cleaning Checklist


Get the Free Guest Journey and Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning alone won't help reassure apprehensive travelers. Get the easy-to-use guest journey checklist that offers valuable steps for ensuring you put your best foot forward in how and what you communicate during every step of the guest journey. Follow-up the guest journey with a new cleaning checklist built to ensure your rooms are as clean and safe as possible.

Ideas for Your Property

Empowering Staff to Manage Multiple Locations at Once

Many owners and management companies operate multiple properties. With the Contactless Guest Experience, it's now possible to empower your staff to operate and manage numerous properties from a single location. Whether located off-site in a corporate headquarters or on-site at a hotel, a staff member can manage multiple incoming Connect Video and messages from guests across different locations.

Multiple Locations

Handling Late Night Arrivals

David runs a small property on the outskirts of Billings, Montana. Often, he's woken up around 2:00 AM with a late-night guest arriving seeking a room. He drives across town to meet the guest only to find they no longer want a room or can't pay. Using a product like Connect Video, David can interact with the guest from afar without needing to get out of bed. He can even provide guests the ability to use their credit card and create a room key without needing to be physically present.

Global Impact

In-Room Trends for Guests

Mandatory shelter in place rules are lifting, and travel is picking up. Guests have become very familiar with the creature comforts of home, including their entertainment solutions. As guests continue their trends of social distancing and isolation tools like Apple TV for Hospitality provide a valuable lifeline. Bridging the gap between a home and hotel tv experience, guests can take advantage of entertainment options, helpful on-site amenity information, interactive messaging with the hotel, and more.

Guest Requests

Replace Your Printed Guidebook

Replace your printed compendium or guidebook with a digital version that's always available to guests. The Digital Directory is the responsive web solution built for mobile phones, tablets and desktops that enables guests to get access to on-site amenities, local recommendations, events, and more. Hotels are able to remove the cost of printing and replacement guides and supply an interactive version that can be updated in real-time to highlight promotions, specials, or other updates.

Digital Directory

Products for Hotels

Monscierge provides award-winning contactless communication tools for hotels.

Apple TV

Apple TV

Hospitality TV content built for hotels, resorts and vacation rentals.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Interactive, meeting room, and video-enabled signage options.

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Connect Messaging

Tools to communicate with guests before, during or after a stay.

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