Treehouse Grove

Treehouses fifty feet in the air pose unique challenges. Treehouse Grove looked to Monscierge to help provide a scalable hospitality TV solution and help solve an operational challenge.

Treehouse Grove
Treehouse Grove
Treehouse Grove

The Scalable Solution That Saves Time

Treehouse Grove is a getaway that's unlike any other. Their treehouses sit at the doorstep of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It's a sight to behold and one that lives up to every fantasy.

Managed by Ayres Vacation Rentals, there's an evident obsession with the guest experience during every step of a guests' visit. To hear it in their words, "It's the place you wish existed as a child, and now you can share it."

Treehouses pose a challenge. Ayres turned to Pete Nelson, known for his hit TV show "Treehouse Masters," and months later, after careful planning and design, the team built eight unique luxury treehouses.

Because of the location, they have limited wiring and technical infrastructure. Centralized server rooms and massive infrastructure aren't even considerations. But the staff quickly identified that guests still want comfort technology like the type they find at home. In their case, excellent wifi and television. So Ayres turned to Monscierge for a partner-driven solution.

"We were looking for a good setup that worked for not only guests but also us. Monscierge aligned with our needs. Their interface that looks good does what we're looking for and just works." One of the critical requirements was scalability. As a smaller boutique-style property, the wheels are already in motion to double the Treehouse footprint by next year. As Joseph Ayres, Owner/Operator, said, "We'd recommend this to anyone looking to scale and looking at the experience for the customer. We're small, but we were looking for scalable solutions, and this is one of the big factors that caused us to go with Monscierge." Whether it's a single property or thousands, the Monscierge platform can quickly scale for any property type.

Aimed initially at millennials seeking a unique experience, the company found that the treehouse concept was popular across demographics. Whether it's communicating with guests during their booking or after they've left, it's critical to the teams at Treehouse Grove and Ayres Vacation Rental that things are as simple and easy as possible. Small touches are appreciated like "Monscierge's custom remote is really nice. It works well and is easy for the customer to use." They found the remote control to work well with technology-savvy guests and those who just want to relax.

With labor in their region limited, the team has to be innovative and focused. The more that can do for less is a running mantra. An initial false start began with a Roku; they discovered it wasn't an enterprise-ready solution. With Monscierge, the staff no longer need to get in a golf cart and drive on-site. With Monscierge's Apple TV for Hospitality and Experience Engine management tools, the team can remotely manage the entire technology experience. By freeing up their staff's time, they've also been able to save money. These savings have enabled their team to focus on other areas that help grow the company.

Treehouse Grove is looking to create a Disney World in the mountains. It's a unique destination that's found a niche by having something for nearly everyone, and they plan on sticking around for a long time.