GE Crotonville

GE's Crotonville Campus hosts executives from across the globe for on-demand education programs and leadership conferences year round. Routinely housing world-renowned leaders of innovation and design required Crotonville Campus to use superior on-site technology.

Declared one of "The World's Most Respected Companies" by Barron's and the Financial Times, GE keeps research centers throughout the world. The infamous Crotonville Campus is GE's hub for leadership development, seeing over 67k GE executives last year alone for "team-based" collaborative education. GE prides themselves on leveraging and embedding technology into teaching "the best people, taking on the toughest challenges". GE partnered with Monscierge to populate the property with digital concierge devices and a mobile application to offer executives on-site conference details, local recommendations and travel information while staying on campus. A Dolce hotel, but private to GE staff, the property is a reflection of the company's mission to their most fundamental teams.

Industry Vision

GE commits to creating things that work. The GE Crotonville campus required a technology partner that could meet the expectations of hosting industry leaders during critical strategic planning sessions. Monscierge creates resources to progress and empower hospitality beyond the implementation of technology.

True Local Recommendations

Empowering local experts, the hoteliers, to be the voice of what's promoted to guests. Local merchants are referred by each property, and Monscierge curates the information to reduce dependency of third-party apps and sites, keeping the guest connected to a trusted local expert - their hospitality provider.

Guest Adoption Program

Monscierge works with each property individually to achieve optimum downloads and user activity for both guests and hotel staff. From resorts to conference centers, Monscierge helps define, implement and track adoption strategies tailored to the appropriate needs for varying hotel distinctions.

GEM Reports

The Guest Experience Management (GEM) reports are seasonal aggregations of hospitality trends, highlights of case studies and data analytics findings from the Monscierge products used on guests' smart phones and in hotel spaces worldwide.

Operational Achievements

Over the course of one year, the guest-facing technology implemented at the GE Crotonville Campus has connected 67k executives to Crotonville events, local merchants and campus details, in 16 languages.

GE Crotonville Campus holds the record for mobile application user engagement at a single property throughout Monscierge's network of more than 40 countries.

Microsoft Partner

Hospitality is facing a wave of changes with emerging technologies shifting the operations of the typical hotel property. Microsoft is working with the hospitality industry to help overcome the technology gaps with highly integrated solutions. Microsoft wants to give hotels a competitive edge with solutions to capture the preferences and interests of their customers and deliver unique personal guest experiences at each point of contact. Monscierge Connect Lobby and Connect CMS were developed with Microsoft platforms for seamless, cutting-edge technology architecture.

Powered with Microsoft Technology

  • Silverlight 5.0/Toolkit
  • WCF RIA and Web Services
  • Built with Visual Studio 2012
  • Expression Blend
  • Bing Silverlight Control
  • Windows Server / IIS
  • .NET 4.5
  • Entity Framework 5.0
  • Transient Fault Handling
  • Azure SDK, Web Roles
  • Service Bus
  • Windows 7/8
  • .NET 4.5
  • WPF 4.5
  • PixelSense 2.0 SDK
  • Built with Visual Studio 2012
  • Entity Framework 5.0
  • Expression Blend
  • Bing Route, Geocode, and Search Services
  • Bing WPF Control
  • Transient Fault Handling
  • Microsoft Surface


With statistics showing mobile app usage increasing daily, GE's Crotonville Campus actioned guest-facing technology to provide multinational executives with digital tools to enhance their stay and guide them before and after their entire travel itinerary. The technology had to be the best available, the design intuitive and easy to use. The content would be constantly updated to reflect conference schedules, so the system needed to be user friendly for the staff. Approaching the first year anniversary of installment, the GE Crotonville campus has surpassed typical user session numbers, reflective of Monscierge guest usage analytics in over 400 individual properties, across 80 countries.