Hyatt Regency Bellevue on Seattle's Eastside

The Hyatt Regency Bellevue on Seattle's Eastside discovered an opportunity for streamlining technology and reducing licensing fees. By implementing Monscierge's Connect products, Hyatt would save thousands annually and create an easy, user-friendly experience for both guests and staff.

Upgrading to a cloud-based, centralized Content Management System (CMS) made operations logistically easier and more cost effective. This cloud-based technology would replace legacy systems and enable the Bellevue site to become the first hotel to use SMS two-way communication between guest and staff from a system that powers multiple technologies at one source.

From the General Manager

I am extremely pleased with how Monscierge is performing, the products and support they offer, the money they've saved us and the dedication they show to enhancing the entire guest experience from pre-arrival to their journey home.
Tom Wolf, General Manager, Hyatt Regency Bellevue on Seattle's Eastside

Hyatt Regency Bellevue has been working with Monscierge for a good part of 2014 in a few different capacities, and they have done an excellent job enabling us to even further connect with our guests from pre-arrival through their departure. Guests are contacted before they arrive and have the opportunity to download an APP customized for our hotel or SMS text our staff directly through Monscierge. The APP even knows which language to switch to based on the language installed on their smart phone. That is a great benefit to our international travelers.

Once our guests arrive, they have the opportunity to use Monscierge on one of our two 55" Touch Screen Tables, both Touch Screen and Static vertical Reader Boards and of course the APP itself, which has a great deal of beneficial information. Conference guests can also use the APP to see where their next meeting is, at what time and info about the meeting's content including speaker photos and program guides. Guests also have an easy link to all our social media sites as well to keep up-to-date on our property even after they are home. Working together with Monscierge and combining all of these features and touch points to one company has not only made things seamless for our guests, it has resulted in considerable savings to our hotel.

Our staff uses Monscierge as well. They all have the APP downloaded and are able to give our guests current and valuable information quickly and without having to go to a desk or pick up a book or event schedule.

As a company, Monscierge has been great to work with and truly dedicated to the success of our property. Elizabeth Robinson, our support specialist, has assisted with the implementation, training and trouble shooting. She's taken the time to get to know the staff, has met with and trained our Meeting Planners on content editing and has held our hand through numerous successful transitions.

I am extremely pleased with how Monscierge is performing, the products and support they offer, the money they've saved us and the dedication they show to enhancing the entire guest experience from pre-arrival to their journey home.

Industry Vision

While Seattle's Hyatt Regency Bellevue expected to streamline their technology sources, the centralized Connect platform also saved thousands of dollars yearly.

True Local Recommendations

The goal is to empower local experts, the hoteliers, to be the voice of what is promoted to guests. Local merchants are referred by each property, and Monscierge curates the information to reduce dependency of third-party apps and sites, keeping the guest connected to a trusted local expert - their hospitality provider.

Guest Adoption Program

Monscierge works with each property individually to achieve optimum downloads and user activity for both guests and hotel staff. From resorts to conference centers, Monscierge helps define, implement and track adoption strategies tailored to the appropriate needs of varying hotel distinctions.

GEM Reports

The Guest Experience Management (GEM) reports are seasonal aggregations of hospitality trends, highlights of case studies and data analytics findings from the Monscierge products used on guests' smartphones and in hotel spaces worldwide.

Operational Achievements

Combining several key technology pieces into one, capable system is not only seamless for our guests, but creates considerable savings for our hotel
Greg Jones, Director of Hospitality & Travel, Microsoft
  • Repurposing previous hardware investments with re-purposed, cloud-based technology.
  • Replaced outdated SMS and digital signage software that had multiple licensing fees.
  • Implemented the centralized Connect CMS platform, so hotel staff can manage several products as one.
  • The Hyatt Regency Bellevue will be participating with Monscierge and Cornell University in an Intel-sponsored mobile research project, beginning January 2015.

Microsoft Partner

Hospitality is facing a wave of changes with emerging technologies shifting the operations of the typical hotel property. Microsoft is working with the hospitality industry to help overcome the technology gaps with highly integrated solutions. Microsoft wants to give hotels a competitive edge with solutions to capture the preferences and interests of their customers and deliver unique personal guest experiences at each point of contact. Monscierge Connect Lobby and Connect CMS were developed with Microsoft platforms for seamless, cutting-edge technology architecture.

Powered with Microsoft Technology

  • Silverlight 5.0/Toolkit
  • WCF RIA and Web Services
  • Built with Visual Studio 2012
  • Expression Blend
  • Bing Silverlight Control
  • Windows Server / IIS
  • .NET 4.5
  • Entity Framework 5.0
  • Transient Fault Handling
  • Azure SDK, Web Roles
  • Service Bus
  • Windows 7/8
  • .NET 4.5
  • WPF 4.5
  • PixelSense 2.0 SDK
  • Built with Visual Studio 2012
  • Entity Framework 5.0
  • Expression Blend
  • Bing Route, Geocode, and Search Services
  • Bing WPF Control
  • Transient Fault Handling
  • Microsoft Surface


Monscierge's Connect CMS product is successfully managing the Hyatt Regency Bellevue's technology needs from one centralized platform, removing the need for multiple technology vendors and saving the hotel thousands of dollars. Monscierge makes mobilizing the guest journey easy and affordable - from the guest associating with the hotel at the planning and booking steps to when they check out and share hotel-branded postcards on social media.