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Monscierge Releases New Brand Building and Monetization Features for Hospitality TV

New app features released by Monscierge for their Apple TV for Hospitality platform will give hotels the ability to feature immersive content and video, further monetizing the guest experience.

Monscierge expanded its Apple TV for Hospitality product line with additional tools to help properties showcase their brand and increase guest experience.

The new enhancements include giving hoteliers options to use full-screen videos, rotating banners and the ability to highlight content to expand their storytelling capabilities. These new tools are cohesively offered in their own app called Enhance Your Stay, making the process of increasing sales through brand stories and identity easy for hospitality managers. With the Monscierge platform, an average 20 room property can add $15,000 or more in additional revenue - its quick monetization through unique experiences, upsells, and upgrades.

"It's never been easier for hotels to earn revenue,” says Marcus Robinson, Monscierge CEO. “Our platform is uniquely positioned to allow hoteliers to monetize experiences that create the moments their guests will remember."

The focus on driving revenue is instrumental with helping to shore up the hospitality industry, which has faced an onslaught of issues in recent years.

"Hotels are rediscovering how they connect with their guests, and these new tools help place the guest center stage. The experiences and communication that hotels offer guests are helping to drive not only additional revenue, but also are increasing the amount of positive-impacting reviews being completed by guests," said Andy Hale, VP of Product, Monscierge.

The Enhance Your Stay tools and the new top-shelf display functionality is available for all Monscierge Apple TV for Hospitality customers.

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