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Monscierge Named Best Guest Room Entertainment Technology in the 2020 HotelTechAwards

We're excited to share that Monscierge’s Apple TV for Hospitality has been named 2020’s #1 Guest Room Entertainment Software by Hotel Tech Report.

Each month, more than 40,000 hotel industry professionals use to make informed purchasing decisions. The HotelTechAwards are based on customer feedback and have never been influenced by analyst opinion or status as a Hotel Tech Report customer. (To learn more about the HotelTechAwards ranking, check out the HotelTechAwards scoring criteria breakdown)

Reviews from verified users of Apple TV for Hospitality by Monscierge highlight features like secure access to streaming apps and games, showcasing property amenities, curating unique local recommendations, and servicing guest requests all help to increase guest satisfaction and reduce operational costs. Many customers also repeatedly praise the great customer service and team collaboration they receive from the Monscierge team members during training and/or support sessions.

See what some users think about Monscierge solutions in their own words:

"Providing a way in which guests can stream and cast their own content as if they were back home is a real hit, especially with overseas guests who previously had to watch downloaded content on their tablets or phones."

Verified User | Owner | Bed & Breakfast

"By pairing the industry leading Apple TV user interface with the suite of Monscierge solutions and a wealth of local live TV and Streaming content RLH Corporation is able to deliver a Unique, customer driven experience in each of our guest rooms. Our partnership delivers our guests fresh, locally created content and the local and national media sources in one fully-compliant Apple solution.I continue to be amazed with the new offerings that the team at Monscierge comes up with, from in-room dining to getting Domino's to bring over a Pizza and charge to a folio, the Monscierge Apple TV solution demonstrates constant evolution to deliver our guests a premium experience..."

Verified User | VP of Systems | Branded Hotel Group

"Communication & quick accurate responses. We wanted to provide new amenities to our guests, and now that they are really enjoying!"

Verified User | Owner | Boutique in Palm Springs

We would like to say a big "thank you" to all who shared reviews on Hotel Tech Report. At Monscierge, customer experience is a big part of our history and continues to be our passion. Exceeding your expectations and listening to your feedback is critical to our success.

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