Building brand strategies with guest satisfaction

Monscierge is experienced in helping to build brand and optimal guest-centric strategies. We're easy to work with and even easier to implement. Whether a brand or ownership group we can help facilitate greater guest satisfaction during every part of their journey.

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Strategy and focus

We provide support, implementation and best practices around the world in connecting to the guest journey.

Streamline your business

Increased on-site property revenues and a streamlined staff are achievable through our tools and help to drive an enhanced experience for your guests.

Return on investment

Capitalize on investments you've already made with easy updates and strategies to build relevance, loyalty and guest satisfaction.

Brands making Monscierge their own

As an ultra modern, boutique brand focused on social interaction and engagement - the Nylo Hotel group targets both the leisure and business traveler with a "reprieve from the traditional, uninspiring hotel experience". The Nylo brand promises clients a stay rich with cutting-edge design, and therefore required specific standards be met from their technology provider - especially with regard to brand control and a well designed, intelligent user-experience. The framework of our Connect product line was holistically designed for a quick adaption process to meet both the branding expectations of the hotel and the expectations of a tech-savvy guest looking for local travel information and tools. When booking a Nylo property, guests can use this same app to message the hotel staff, find local recommendations, and access travel information - all from the Nylo Hotels app.

With 400 hotels across 60 countries, Novotel was seeking a highly scalable, multi-lingual product easily adoptable for all properties through a unique sign-up portal, streamlining the rollout. Before sourcing Monscierge, Novotel had previously invested in designing what they envisioned from a virtual concierge. Although different from anything we had created before, our team worked to implement the these concepts to develop a unique, global product all their own. The Novotel Virtual Concierge is now recognized by guests as one of the company’s brand markers, available in all properties.

Diamond Resorts International is a global hospitality entity dedicated to providing every owner, member, and guest simplicity and choice. Their 300 destinations spanning 33 countries are comprised of managed resorts, affiliated destination properties, affiliated properties, and four cruise lines. A challenge for a group like DRI is finding scalable technology that doesn’t cost millions to implement, and can maintain a unified brand vision and message across a vast collection of locations. By applying our framework alongside cloud-based technology, we were able to quickly meet these needs and apply a system that is simple, quick, and allows for permission-based brand content control across all properties for a system that compliments their ideals of giving guests information and choice.

Offering hospitality with customized experiences and stylish approachability, B Hotels and Resorts is a brand focused on open communication and continuous engagement between guests and staff. With the smart-phone revolution leading to an overwhelming volume of travelers utilizing app services - it was important to B they stay relevant and connected to guests off-site just as much as within their hotels. Using the Connect CMS product, B is also able to adjust the brand and message for their chic b2 property in downtown Miami, where along with Connect Lobby and Mobile, they provide guests the application by distributing iPads upon checking-in.