Event Signage

Showcase meetings and events on digital signs placed outside of conference rooms and the walls of your property.

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Plus hardware
HotelTechAwards Winner

Conference Room Signage

Take Charge of Event Management

Manage current and upcoming events more efficiently by providing room status and availability. We offer multiple options, form factors and advertising opportunities to highlight your events.

  • Multiple Form Factors

    Multiple form factors for multiple installation options

  • CMS

    Centralized content management platform

  • Event System

    Integrates with third party event systems

  • Advertising and Branding

    Includes advertising and branding opportunities

  • Streaming

    Built for managing multiple screens

Why Choose Event Signage?

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Reduce paper waste and overtime needed to update constantly.

Time Savings

Time Savings

Update instantly when events change or are moved.


Easy to Manage

Managed and updated from a single web dashboard.



Ability to promote or lease ad space.

2020 Winner for Best Lobby Technology

Connect Signage won the 2020 Best Lobby Technology Award from HotelTechReport as voted by industry professionals. Monscierge has won more guest experience awards than any other hotel technology company. The company is also a Certificate of Excellence winner for a culture of transparency and client recommendations.

Monscierge is a Certificate of Excellence winner for a culture of open transparency and client recommendations.

Certificate of Excellence

HotelTechAwards Winner

Save Time and Money

Skip the paper. No more running around to update signs. Save money and time with instant updates from a single management platform.



Promote event groups, local businesses and merchants or showcase your on-site amenities with advertising options. Control by time or event for a personal and tailored experience.


Easy Management

Whether one screen or hundreds, we power event signage for hundreds of event spaces and make it easy to manage and update.


#1 Award Winning Guest Experience

Ranked #1 by HotelTechReport for Lobby Technology. Additionally, Certificate of Excellence winner for a culture of transparency and client recommendations.

Certificate of Excellence Certificate of Excellence

Award Winning

It's Easy to Get Started

All it takes to update event signs is logging into your web portal. Add or remove signs and update events with a simple click. Save money and time so you focus on the guest experience.

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Event Signage Overview


Managed & Secure

Easily deploy signs across your property.

Content Sources

Content Sources

Manage from Connect CMS or third party integrations.

Form Factor

Form Factors

Options for configuration to fit into your property.



Make it your own with visual look and feel.



Promote sponsors or other sources for ROI value.



We provide options to leverage existing hardware.