Find out exactly what your guests are searching for. With analytics across each of our supported applications, you’ll find what information is being looked at the most, when it’s being viewed, and trends in effective or ineffective content. Tailor to your guests, and know what they want in advance.

Booking & Reservations

Strengthen your brand loyalty. Online travel agencies are increasingly receiving both business and leisure travelers’ bookings. Maintain a presence and keep catering to your guests with mobile booking and planning options in your Connect application.


We develop products for the hotel - so make it your own. Set custom backgrounds and appearance with your content on all of our supported platforms. Offer your guests all the information and services from your name and reputation.


On-site event details become easy to edit and update when centrally-located. Create and display your events for all devices from your events calendar in our web-based CMS. Guests can easily access information at their convenience, and staff can update efficiently - without a mess of paper.


Memorable experiences are what guests take away most when they leave your property, so make it easy to plan for next time. The Favorites feature lets users save their favorite local experiences. Business and leisure travelers alike have the best you and your city have to offer, stored under your brand’s application.

Guest & Staff Profiles

Personalize your recommendations and allow guests to personalize their experience. Get a better understanding of the guests that are staying at your hotel or resort. Step up your service level by offering guests a personal level of customer satisfaction - and look to see your on-site revenue increase along with guest loyalty.

Hotel Info

Access to everything a guest would want to know about your property. Increase on-site revenue by putting your hotel amenities front and center in your guests’ path. Highlight unique features and easily promote property and brand initiatives.

Hotel Setup

Setup your hotel as it will appear in all of our supported platforms. Property name, location, phone numbers and more, all to be displayed conveniently for current and future guests.


Keep your guests headed in the right direction by uploading maps for your hotel or resort and the surrounding area. Providing detailed property or campus maps is a great way to leverage property amenities or F&B by improving guest awareness of on-site offerings.


Broadcast a message out to all of your guests, when and where it’s most effective. Welcome arriving guests, communicate a change in service offerings, or send offers for limited-time specials from your spa or F&B, to boost department traffic.

Multi-lingual Setup

Offer information to your guests in their native language. We support a growing number of languages, including English, Simplified Chinese, Greek, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Thai so you can provide an enhanced experience for all of your guests. Additional languages can be added.

Property Network

Whether you’re a single property resort or a large group with thousands of properties across multiple brands, you can access and control your content across your network with our CMS. Get flexible and direct control at every level.


Give your guests the best your city has to offer - provide them with detailed local recommendations, direct from you. Be the source they turn to for a great local experience - own your recommendations by offering specific advice for local food, entertainment and more.


Offer a venue to communicate with guests without tying up the front desk or the kitchen on the phone. Requests for more towels, forgotten items, in-room dining or any service that your property provides can be set up from our CMS to be displayed in our mobile app. Chat with guests in-app to confirm details and manage expectations.

Request Management

Boost efficiency by connecting guest requests with the staff that can fulfill them. Track progress and fulfillment by following high priority requests. Get a better understanding of your SLAs by tracking ETAs and fulfillment among different departments within your property.


You’ve put a lot of effort into creating a favorable loyalty program, and it’s a representation of your brand values. Allow your customers easy access to the features your rewards program has to offer. Get the most out of the investment you made in your brand, your program and your technology.


Want to know what features your guests use the most? Find the trending guest requests, the most sought-out local information, determine popular in-room dining options and other featured feedback.

Social Postcards

Let guests share their experience at your hotel or resort with their friends and family, while promoting your brand and property at the same time. Guests can share via email, Facebook or Twitter. Add a message to be sent with the postcard images uploaded by you.


It’s your product, and we want you to make the most of your investment. We designed a specific area for you to offer sponsorships from your hotel or your local partners. Use this area on our Lobby app to catch the attention of guests and increase awareness for on-site amenities or local merchants.

User Management

Keep track of your staff across all properties and their roles within the Monscierge network. Assign staff to specific roles to manage specific content and set their permission as a Connect Staff user.


Personal valet service at a touch. Offer your guests the ease of requesting their vehicle digitally and notifying your valet staff directly. Easily track the request details for monitoring customer service treatment.