Connect Video is the Secure On-Site Guest Video Platform

Provide a safe and secure contactless guest experience for guests and staff.

Apple TV

Contactless Communication Solution

Guest Intake

Contactless Communication

Assist guest check-in with secure video chat between a guest and staff.

Speed Check-In

Contactless Check-In

Works with credit card and key encoders for contactless check-in.

Guest Empathy

Guest Empathy

Provide a superior and personal guest experience even at a distance.

Contactless Guest Experience

Part of the contactless guest experience solution that handles communication before, during, or after a stay.

Video Communication

Secure on-site video communication built for guests to communicate with staff during check-in or at any point during their stay.

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Video Communication

Seeing a Friendly Smile

Guests often only see staff in full protective gear. Face-to-face communication provides comfort and clarity.

Friendly Smile

Support a Contactless Guest Check-In

With Connect Video, guests are able to leverage contactless check-in to verify ID, charge a credit card, and create necessary room keys.

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Contactless Check-In

Connect Video Benefits

Physical Distancing

Minimize Physical Interaction

Purpose-built to decrease physical interaction and minimize infection risk.

Save Equipment

Save Valuable PPE

No need to utilize protective equipment for discussions or questions handled via video.

Easy Management

Easy Management

Whether check-in or existing guests, guests and staff can easily use the Connect Video.



Secure end-to-end encryption video experience.

Watch How Connect Video Works
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"In the three weeks since the system was deployed, Mass General says its use of personal protective equipment, or PPE, has fallen by half, helping the hospital cope with a nationwide shortage. It has also converted longtime opponents of telemedicine in hospitals into fierce advocates of the technology."

Source: Wired Magazine - iPads Are Crucial Health Care Tools in Combating COVID-19

Supporting Telehealth in the Stimulus Package

Monscierge Connect Video leverages a HIPPA compliant video platform and our award winning CMS platform to create a personalized, safe and secure Telehealth solution. Hospitals are able to take advantage of the provisions put forward by the recent $2 trillion stimulus package and deliver the solution to your patients and care teams in 1 to 2 days. Learn More

Monscierge will provide your organization with the below documentation for your organization to use when applying for stimulus package relief related to the COVID19 Crisis:

  • Product use documenting the solution for Telehealth and reduction of PPE usage.
  • Detailed project deployment and usage documentation.
  • Line item description within the product invoice about the product being used for your Telehealth, Social Distancing and/or PPE project.

Connect Video for Guest Chat

It's easy for guests and staff to use Connect Video.

Start Call
Guest View

A guest touches the Start Video Call button.

Staff Chat
Guest View

The guest is able to see and hear the staff member.

Staff Alert
Staff View

The staff member receives an alert about an incoming chat and selects from the queue.

Secure Chat
Staff View

The staff member is able to securely chat over video with the guest.

The On-Site Secure Video Solution

Connect Video provides a secure, encrypted way for a guest to easily start a conversation with a team member. Connect Video can be used in check-in areas, isolated rooms, open lobbies or nearly any other area on-site.

Handling Secure Video

Connect Video works with any number of staff members and can handle video for any number of guests.

How It Works

Bridge the Gap Between the Real and Digital World

Whether staying in compliance with social or physical distancing or protecting staff from prolonged physical interaction, Connect Video provides a way to offer the same level of the guest experience as you would in-person.

SMS Messaging & PreCheck for a Full Contactless Experience

Connect Video is part of the Contactless Guest Experience built to support physical distancing. It works in perfect combination with tools like SMS Guest Messaging and PreCheck to help provide a fantastic guest experience and promote the health and safety of guests and staff.

Contactless Experience

Contactless Guest Experience

Part of the contactless guest experience solution that handles communication before, during, or after a stay.

Who Should Use Connect Video


Hospital Patient Intake

Securely manage the intake of new patients in a safer manner.


Health Clinics

Minimize patient and staff interaction during check-in.

Hospital Overflow

Hospital Overflow

Save PPE resource and personnel usage by addressing questions on video.



Utilize tellers for questions and banking services.



Handle guest questions or check-in on video to minimize interaction.


Office Spaces

Have a conversation with guests without putting your staff at risk.


End to End Security

Think of Connect Video as a closed-circuit television. It provides a closed system with full encryption, and able to connect your team to a person over video. And most importantly, no sensitive data (such as guest info) is being stored or recorded in Connect Video.


Built Exclusively for iPad

iPad offers a high resolution camera, microphone and highly responsive touchscreen. iPad is the most secure device on the market offering a more secure operating system than Android.


Easy Device Management

Connect Video is a fully managed solution. The hardware and software automatically reset at the end of each use. This digital sterilization process ensures a fresh experience for each new user.


Easy Cleaning and Disinfection

All devices and mounting hardware can be easily cleaned and allow for standard disinfection processes.

Ready For Anyone Who Needs a Virtual Digital Lobby

Connect Video is perfect for any location that uses a physical location and needs to interact with people.


  • Hospital Intake
  • Emergency Room
  • Bank Lobbies
  • Hotel Lobbies
  • Restaurant Ordering

Frequently Asked Questions

We would recommend the property set up their devices for flexible locations. For instance, a hospital will understand their workflows and challenges as environments change daily. Monscierge Connect Video provides a secure communication solution from the patient to the care team. The solution is easy to deploy, easy to manage, dedicated to solving localized telehealth challenges (for example, virtual intake) and is most importantly - secure and safe.

Connect Video is purpose-built and ready for healthcare, banking, and other avenues that need to modify the physical intake of their patients or guests. In another healthcare scenario, it can also handle communication with patients in isolation, enabling healthcare workers to save on PPE.

Your license includes 25 devices and 10 of which may be hosts. Hosts are the staff devices your team uses to speak with patients or guests. Additional licenses are available from Monscierge.

Connect Video leverages the highest standard of encryption across our application. No data is recorded or saved. Connect Video additionally leverages the built-in security provided by iPadOS and Apple iPad.

You could use FaceTime to make person-to-person calls. However, FaceTime and other Point-to-Point solutions in the market are not designed to solve patient intake/lobby/waiting room Telehealth scenarios. Monscierge Connect Video allows for a fully automated and secure Telehealth video experience. When you use Monscierge - you don't need iCloud accounts, you don't have to try and manage Apple Apps, and you don't have to hope security is happening in the communication. Apple devices are also used heavily in healthcare environments and can be physically and digitally sterilized to meet the needs of a healthcare worker's environment. In short, Monscierge is a purpose-built solution for healthcare lobby's intake workflows, is easy to manage and deploy, and, most importantly - secure.


Connect CMS
Monscierge platform for content management.

Connect Video License
Licenses for up to 25 secure devices (up to 10 may be hosts) using Connect Video.

Hardware Management
Hardware and security management for each tablet.

Access to Monscierge global support.

Note: Hardware sold separately.


Apple iPad hardware.

Device Mount/Stand
Case and mount or stands for tablet.

On-site installation.

Contactless Guest Experience

Part of the contactless guest experience solution that handles communication before, during, or after a stay.