Connect Platform

Communication through Connect Staff

From the front desk manager to the laundry crew, we observed hotel staff processes to determine if technology could improve their connection to each other and to guests. Our Connect Staff tool is designed to make your employee's job easier, resulting in both happy staff and satisfied guests.

Connect to your guests through real-time guest and staff communication

Real-time guest and staff communication

Give hotel staff the ability to improve guest satisfaction by managing and responding to requests in real-time. Staff can engage guests and other members of staff to improve fulfillment and build customer loyalty. Managerial staff can monitor communication from the top down to ensure the highest standard of service is provided.

Built for iOS and Android on mobile, tablet and the web

Better management through the chain of requests

Real-time guest engagement and fulfillment

Guest creates a request

On vacation with her family, Katelyn uses the Connect app to request fresh towels for their room.

Request verification

The request can be automatically verified against a PMS or automatically dispatched to an available staff member.

Guest receives notification

Katelyn receives a notification through her mobile device that the fresh towels are on their way along with an approximate ETA.

Fresh towels have arrived

The guest receives her towels. The staff member is able to mark the request as complete. Historical and analytical analysis of requests are available for future review..

Smarter assignments

Request assignments are set up within Connect CMS and can be segmented to match your staff. Tasks can be assigned or automatically re-assigned based on staff availability, time-of-day, request type or even by fulfillment ETA.


Request List

Take action on assigned requests with customizable workflows, due dates and granular filter and search controls.


Guest Communication

View the request detail, take action and communicate with guests or other staff members.


Status and ETA

Take action on requests, change ETA for delivery, and assign based on workflow.

Increase staff efficiency

Staff can manage tasks and respond directly to guest requests. Management monitors response times and streamlines team assignments. Connect Staff helps to ensure guest satisfaction and an efficient workflow.