Connect Staff Service Requests

Connect Staff is the digital and text messaging platform to manage and resolve guest and staff service requests.

Real-time Guest and Staff Communication

Connect Staff provides a mobile solution with iOS and Android for hotel staff, brands or ownership groups to handle real time communication and service requests.

  • Requests

    Manage and resolve guest and staff service requests

  • Automated

    Escalations, triggering and automated replies

  • Checklists

    Checklists and scheduling options

  • Reporting

    Report and track analytics

  • Response Time

    Manage response times for staff proactivity

Contactless Guest Experience

Part of the complete bundled solution for a contactless guest experience before, during or after a stay.

Impact on Guest Satisfaction Scores

On average, guest satisfaction scores (GSS) increased by 1.1 points or more with some properties reporting over 10% growth in revenue per average room (RevPAR).


Hospitality and Travel Impact During COVID-19 Coronavirus

During uncertain times, hotels may be looking to recoup lost revenue. Some of the fastest ways are by implementing automated messaging and cutting cable. Hospitality providers using Apple TV for Hospitality & Hosts immediately find an 86% savings, while changing their guest messaging platforms to Monscierge Pre-check & Guest Messaging services found a 63% savings.

Global Impact

Limiting Staff and Guest Physical Contact

Guest PreCheck enables staff members to communicate from a distance and start the check in process early. Limit upfront exposure and interaction with incoming guests by providing key check in details and answering questions before a guest has even set foot on your property.


Efficiency Savings

Decrease the time taken to communicate maintenance issues. Properties see response time improvements by as much as 50%.

Efficency Savings

Data Visibility

"The reports generated from the Connect Staff have replaced our paper based system and have enabled us to compare our performance against other properties." The results are clear with significant time reduction in reports and automated data analysis that shares insights on your property and teams.

Data Visibility

Requests with Hotel Text Messaging

Handle and action requests made by hotel guests or staff through SMS text messaging, Apple TV, a mobile app or web. The Monscierge request system can handle requests made no matter how a guest wants to interact.


Communicate with Photos

Add photos to any request to overcome language and communication barriers. Photo functionality can be used to record or highlight issues for better tracking and maintenance purposes.

Staff Photos

PMS Integration

With property management system [PMS] integration scheduled guests are automatically messaged each day. This process is automated and easy to setup.

Monscierge is a Certified Opera Partner and can also integrate with other PMS systems.

Opera Partner

Connect Staff Overview



Built for iOS or Android.



Automatic and manual handling options.



Take automatic actions based on specific rules.


Group Handling

Manage teams and specific operating hours.


Get Feedback

Handle issues for service recovery.


SMS Messaging

Send and receive SMS text messages.



Multi-step tasklist with data recording support.



Recurring tasks with calendar view.



Real-time two-way communication.



CRM and PMS for auto-fill of data.



Support for 26+ languages.



Configurable reporting available.

The system proved very easy to use with minimal impact on our operations to get trained and operational. Training took one hour and the team felt confident right away.

Charlotte Crenn, Front Office Manager

Smarter Assignments

Request assignments are set up within Connect CMS and can be segmented to match your staff. Tasks can be assigned or automatically re-assigned based on staff availability, time-of-day, request type or even by fulfillment ETA.


Request List

Take action on assigned requests with customizable workflows, due dates and granular filter and search controls.


Guest Communication

View the request detail, take action and communicate with guests or other staff members.


Status and ETA

Take action on requests, change ETA for delivery, and assign based on workflow.

Increase Staff Efficiency

Staff can manage tasks and respond directly to guest requests. Management monitors response times and streamlines team assignments. Connect Staff helps to ensure guest satisfaction and an efficient workflow.

Staff for Tablet

Contactless Guest Experience

Part of the complete bundled solution for a contactless guest experience before, during or after a stay.