Connect Lobby Digital Concierge

Connect Lobby is our all-in-one, interactive signage built for performance and user experience. Connect Lobby creates guest awareness and provides an alternative for guests without a device.

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HotelTechAwards Winner

Digital Signage You Can Touch

Connect Lobby is the digital concierge platform built to showcase and promote your property. We offer multiple form factors, sizes and hardware options for interactive or non-interactive signage.

  • Features

    Property information, local recommendations, flights, maps, weather and events

  • Resize

    Supports multiple types and sizes of hardware with touch support

  • Promo

    Includes advertising and promotional opportunities

  • ADA

    Multi-lingual and ADA support

  • Manage

    Managed through the web-based management tool

2020 Winner for Best Lobby Technology

Connect Lobby won the 2020 Best Lobby Technology Award from HotelTechReport as voted by industry professionals and partners around the world. Monscierge also is a Certificate of Excellence winner for a culture of transparency and client recommendations.

Monscierge is a Certificate of Excellence winner for a culture of open transparency and client recommendations.

Certificate of Excellence

HotelTechAwards Winner

Flexible Hardware

Connect Lobby comes in multiple sizes, displayed in horizontal or vertical format and can be mounted to the wall or used freestanding.

Our standard offering includes a 42" ELO touch screen, but Connect Lobby also works on devices of other sizes. We also offer Connect Lobby screens in 32", 55" and larger sizes.

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Advertising and Promotions

Promote up-sells, in house services like restaurants and cafes, reward programs or local businesses. Manage promotions and display a rotating selection of advertising from an easy to use management tool.


Reduce Waiting Time

Reduce your front desk waiting times by 20% or more. With Connect Lobby guests can find information, get local recommendations, view meetings or events and more.

Reduce Time

Maps, Weather and Local Recommendations

Provide guests with useful curated content that helps drive loyalty and reduce front desk workload and save money. Weather and maps are two of the most popular categories guests interact with, and local recommendations drive almost 70% interactions.

Additional Information

Rise of International Travelers

The rise of International travelers demands more multi-lingual staff at the front desk. Connect Lobby provides more than 26+ languages available automatically for your content. Your guests will be able to find the information they're looking for in way that feels natural.


#1 Award Winning Guest Experience

Ranked #1 by HotelTechReport for Lobby Technology. Additionally, Certificate of Excellence winner for a culture of transparency and client recommendations.

Certificate of Excellence Certificate of Excellence

Award Winning

Improved Marketing and Guest Awareness

As a centerpiece for your lobby or other high-traffic hotel areas, it has the flexibility to beautifully convey your hotel's offerings and marketing initiatives. With features like hotel info, local recommendations, flights and social postcards, Monscierge Connect Lobby will enhance your guests' experience and free up your front desk staff.

Connect Lobby Overview


Centrally Managed

Manage multiple devices from a single web-based portal.


On-Site Amenities

Showcase on-site features, maps and services.

Local Recommendations

Local Recommendations

Curated local activities, events and dining.

Form Factor

Multiple Form Factors

Support for small or large size devices.



ROI through sales of promo or advertising space.



Support for 26+ languages.

Customizable For Any Location

Connect Lobby is available in multiple sizes and platforms, and can be used individually or as multiple units spread throughout your property.

Management and customization is a snap, and the information and visual branding added in Connect CMS is instantly available to all Connect products, including Connect Lobby.

Built for Guests and Properties


Touch screen

Large scale hi-res Windows-based touch screen devices.


Extensions for guests

View menus, print boarding passes or integrate with other systems.


Scalable and automatic

Scalable, redundant and robust architecture built with automated updates.

Showcase On-Site Information

Offer relevant on-site information to guests, such as hotel info, local recommendations, maps, & directions, flights, weather and social postcards.

Properties can create their own recommendations of what to do and where to go in the local area. Recommendations are then available to guests on our lobby solution throughout the hotel as well as our mobile solution.