Connect Platform

Connect Lobby

Connect Lobby is our all-in-one, touch-interactive platform built for performance and the highest caliber user experience. Connect Lobby creates guest awareness and provides an alternative for guests without a device. Our lobby solution creates a public setting to promote hotel content.

Improved Marketing and Guest Awareness

As a centerpiece for your lobby or other high-traffic hotel areas, it has the flexibility to beautifully convey your hotel's offerings and marketing initiatives. With features like hotel info, local recommendations, flights and social postcards, Monscierge Connect Lobby will enhance your guests' experience and free up your front desk staff.

Customizable for any location

Connect Lobby is available in multiple sizes and platforms, and can be used individually or as multiple units spread throughout your property.

Management and customization is a snap, and the information and visual branding added in Connect CMS is instantly available to all Connect products, including Connect Lobby.

Woman on Lobby

Built for guests and properties


Touch screen

Large scale hi-res Windows-based touch screen devices.


Extensions for guests

View menus, print boarding passes or integrate with other systems.


Scalable and automatic

Scalable, redundant and robust architecture built with automated updates.

Showcase valuable on-site information

Offer relevant on-site information to guests, such as hotel info, local recommendations, maps, & directions, flights, weather and social postcards.

Properties can create their own recommendations of what to do and where to go in the local area. Recommendations are then available to guests on our lobby solution throughout the hotel as well as our mobile solution.