Conference Room Signage

Showcase meetings and events on digital signs placed outside of conference rooms and on the walls of your property.

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Conference Room Signage

Take Charge of Room Management

Manage current and upcoming events more efficiently by providing room status and availability. We offer multiple options, form factors and advertising opportunities to highlight your events.

  • Multiple Form Factors

    Multiple form factors to provide an array of installation options

  • CMS

    Centralized content management platform

  • Event System

    Integrates with third party event systems

  • Advertising and Branding

    Includes advertising and branding opportunities

  • Streaming

    Built for managing multiple screens

Digital Readerboard Options

Show your properties upcoming events with full support for promotional and advertising options. Manage content from Connect CMS or use an integration to a third party event management system.


Conference Room Digital Signage Overview


Managed & Secure

Easily deploy signs across your property.

Content Sources

Content Sources

Manage from Connect CMS or third party integrations.

Form Factor

Form Factors

Options for configuration to fit into your property.



Make it your own with visual look and feel.



Promote sponsors or other sources for ROI value.



We provide options to leverage existing hardware.