Deferred Payment Program

These are uncertain times. The hospitality sector is in a tough spot and we want to help as much as possible.

Are you a current Monscierge client?

If you are a current client of Monscierge*, we've set up a deferred payment program to aide during the COVID 19 pandemic. Monscierge clients may receive a grace period for billing to last up to 60 days upon applying. At the end of this period, your regular monthly fees will be reactivated and the deferred amount will be applied over a period of 3 months.

To apply, please contact +1 (888) 426-5730.

Are you helping your local medical community?

If you're a hotel or a vacation rental property(s) helping local hospitals house sick patients, quarantined individuals, or medical teams by offering discounted room rates, then you qualify to sign-up as a new Monscierge client to receive our software free for the first 60 days to help your plight. How can Monscierge help you?

  1. Organize communication between the "mother" hospitals to their off-site hotel-turned-hospital station using Connect Staff to assign daily tasks and checklists and requests services or items needed between the two properties.

    Example: Connect Staff & Messaging

    • An off-site hotel-hospital is running low on medical gowns
    • The team member opens the Connect Staff app on their phone, selecting "Need More Gowns" and gives a time needed by (such as STAT!).
    • The staff at the hospital receives an alert on their phone, opens their Connect Staff app and clicks "Accept" and the clock starts to complete getting the gowns to the offsite hotel-hospital. They also have the option to reassign to someone else.
    • The head nurse or floor manager can monitor all of this tasks from her work station from her computer so that nothing gets missed.

    This is all a streamlined way to organize in the midst of the COVID chaos, where as otherwise, the requests and needs might get lost in text messages and emails.

  2. Cut your cable bill by 86% and reduce your overhead

    Example: Apple TV for Hospitality & Hosts

    • Bob owns 5 vacation rental homes where he pays $175/month for cable per house.
    • Due to COVID 19, he is receiving quite a few cancellations - but has opened his home to anyone still wanting to travel and/or for people that are quarantining or medical staff.
    • Bob realizes there is still not enough revenue to cover the cable expense, so he decides to cut his cable bill altogether and sign up for Monscierge's Apple TV for Host COVID 19 promo plan, where he can buy or lease 5 Apple TVs for each house and get Monscierge's monthly fee of $20 free for 60 days.
    • Apple TV for Hosts lets guest watch Netflix, HULU, and local TV channels. It also offers a digital book with information about the house itself and the local area. Bob can also send messages to the Apple TVs to communicate pertinent information or messages to guests.
    • Bob's guest are happy, and he no longer has to pay $875/month for cable.
  3. Make-shift hotels become satellite hospitals

    Many hospitals and hotels are partnering to putting overflow patients and/or offering medical teams a place to stay during the pandemic. These satellite hotel-hospitals qualify to receive Monscierge's 60-day-free digital signage promo to communicate throughout the property and needed hospital information, way-finding maps throughout the sectioned-property, and the latest need-to-know COVID 19 information displayed on iPads, Apple TVs or large format lobby screes.

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