Creating Loyal Customers

Today’s post is written by our Senior Account Manager, Elizabeth Robinson. She’s a natural customer service leader and has been an asset to Monscierge for over four years.

Loyal Customer


What makes loyal customers?  Is it the product? The price?  A lot of companies will market to their consumers as “Having the best product” or “Being the cheapest” or “Getting the most for your money”.  That type of marketing can entice many buyers to purchase a product, however, how many of those buyers return?

I started asking myself what makes me return to a particular restaurant or purchase additional services from a company, and I discovered that loyal customers can be achieved in three simple ways:  Listen to their needs. Prove your loyalty. Make them happy.

Listen to their needs:  You must be able to understand their needs and guide them through to the solution.

Prove your loyalty:   Take their ideas and think outside the box to see how you can make them a reality.

Make them happy:   Listen to their frustrations and correct it with sincere understanding. Be the “savior” when they need help with something at the last minute before an important account walks through the door.

A customer that feels you are always there, ready to help them, will not only be more inclined to purchase from you again but will also refer you to others.

At Monscierge, we strive to know our customers better than anyone.  We work with them to understand their needs, gather their ideas, and implement a customized solution for their property.  Every property is different. It is not a cookie cutter solution—it is a solution that is personalized to you.

Hotel Apps: A Mobile Staff


Our latest Guest Experience Management Report covers an issue I have seen brought up countless times over the last few months – how to go beyond developing and maintaining a fantastic app to the place where people are actually using it.

This report outlines staff app adoption by department, creative ways to talk to your guests about your app (without adding more stress to the check-in process), and further reading to keep you in the know about this technology.

Also, find out exactly how your property can benefit from multilingual features of your app by using it to enhance personal connections and streamline services.

You can get your complimentary copy of the report here, and as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Tweet using #GuestExperience or send us an email.

My Time at Monscierge: Fleur Miessan

Fleur Miessan

Fleur Miessan is my name and I’m originally from Cote d’Ivoire, a beautiful country located on the cost of  West of Africa. Knowledge, curiosity and adventure makes up among the reasons why I migrated to the USA. I’m currently pursuing a Graduate Degree in Leadership and Organizational Development at the Oklahoma Christian University.

When looking from the outside perspective of a layman, I never imagined that there was so much going on in the world of hospitality. I could only see the checking in and out, and never considered interest in the advancement of their technology. Therefore, I had no idea bout the brains behind the scenes in the hospitality world until I got the opportunity to work at Monscierge early this summer.

In effect, like any other, the hospitality industry also needs innovations in order to ensure its growth and expansion. Monscierge has really proven to be a linchpin in their development and expansion. They do a very good job in coming up with brilliant ideas for the guests in hotels to find themselves at home whenever they travel around the world. How to communicate effectively with the hotel staff, how to meet their own needs, and more importantly how to enjoy their stay is just a click away. I was very amazed to know that some people were interested in the well-being of hotels and their guests.

At Monscierge, it all starts with a careful analysis of the guests (customers). While developing an app for a hotel here at Monscierge, we make sure to meet the needs of the guests by being the guests, thinking like them and acting as such; will we use the app if we were to travel and stay in a hotel? What functions would we like to have in the app? How effective can it be? How can we use it?, are questions we ask in order to improve the app. It is in effect our job and responsibility to process the purpose and come out with reasons for guests to not only download our app, but to also help drive them with a reason to use it. Like Eric Schmidt, Former Executive Chairman of Google said “None of us is as smart as all of us”, emphasizing the importance of teamwork from the brainstorming stage through the completion of the app till it is officially sell-able.

Monscierge has made me realize that it is possible to make the stay in a hotel relaxing, enjoyable and peaceful, leaving both the guest and the host happy. Monscierge has taught me that better and greater things can be developed in the hospitality industry. I have learned about things that I never knew as far as creativity was concerned,  and I am eager to learn even more because learning never exhausts the mind and the more I learn, the more valuable I will be.

Everywhere I have been, everything I have been taught here at Monscierge, every challenge I have faced and still am facing, will build who I am, and the experience or lessons I gain and  learn will be of great use and I look forward to a more creative and growing environment here at Monscierge.

Earning and Keeping Guest Loyalty


Guest Loyalty

In some ways, loyalty from your guests begins with loyalty to your guests. A good effort to show guests that you are committed to a positive experience with them is the first step. Sometimes we get caught up in day to day operations and everything seems to be going smoothly, but the view from the other side of the desk is different. Checking your hotel’s reviews is a good way to find out where improvement is needed.

Recent surveys have found that millennials see recommendations as a key aspect of loyalty, second only to frequenting the business themselves. So any extra steps you take to secure that loyalty can easily mean generating positive buzz for your hotel.

In the hospitality world, this has always included efficiency, cleanliness, friendly staff, and met expectations. In today’s world, you can increase that positive buzz by exceeding expectations in shareable ways.

Social sharing tends to be image-heavy lately, so shareable moments could include beautifying a corner of your lobby for photos, surprising guests with in-room personalizations, or hand-written welcome or thank you cards. Spiffy technology, unique amenities, and interesting personalities also have a high share potential.

Be sure to track mentions of your property on social sites like Twitter and Instagram. Reaching out to those users is a great way to cement the relationship with that guest, and publicly show your dedication to a quality experience.

What shareable moments do your property help to create?

The Inside Scoop on Design

Today’s post is written by our own UX Design expert, Andy Hale.

design blog(1)

Design and experience shape our everyday life. At Monscierge, we take great pride and care in crafting experiences that are user-centric, beautiful and most important meaningful. It’s our job to distill the purpose and create reasons to not only download an app or touch a screen but to also help drive people with a reason to use them. The process of creating highly functional and very usable software is a challenge to say the least. It ultimately relies on a careful balance of multiple people and teams around the world, each have a critical hand in helping to create, develop and support the product. With technology and accessibility exploding around us – guests’ demand great experiences and amazing content. On a personal level, beyond simply a shift into an ever-increasing mobile-first world one of my key challenges has been a push for greater awareness in a worldwide market and being cognizant of cultural cues.

Over the years, I’ve latched onto numerous ideas, trends and gained immutable experiences from every angle of the spectrum. A few key points have emerged which I take with me into every aspect of my daily and working life and push for my team to also follow.

  • Immersive – Does it feel like one seamless experience?
  • Simple – If something isn’t needed 90% of the time, don’t show it.
  • Fast – Nothing should be slow. Ever.
  • Fun – It should be a joy, not a chore.
  • Productive – You should make awesome stuff and not be thinking about your laptop.
The experience of design touches our lives in ways we rarely even notice. How much of an impact does it make to your daily life? Do you make decisions based on design?